Friday, June 15, 2012

"An Ode to Our First Place"

To you, small box of the dull white walls,
To the metal handles that always fall off
To the jet engine fan in the bathroom
And the angry wasps on the patio eves

I will not miss you on the summer nights
When the room was stifling hot
Until the whirling air condition clicked
Turning it into a freezing ice box

I will not miss the rowdy neighbor boys
Splashing and shouting in the pool
While I attempted to relax in the hot tub
That was rarely ever hot

I will not miss the cramped corners
Stubbing my toe on the dresser
Or squeezing behind the bathroom door
To retrieve a skirt from the closet

Today we say goodbye to your walls
To the colony of ants that lie in wait
Seeping into the little apartment
Like a steady leak on a rainy day

We say goodbye to the grey haired man
Who smokes pot in the apartment below
And to the friendly couple who rummage
Through the dumpsters every day

Despite my protests, I will miss you
As I think of our ribboned wedding gifts
Spread across the carpeted floor
When returning from Big Sur

How our rows of wine glasses sparkled
When delicately placed on your shelves
How thrilled we were to welcome
Our couch and mattress upon arrival

When I think of eating pizza by the pool
And hot dogs before the Angels game
Of brunch set on the bistro table
In the middle of the living room

Of finishing my first novel late at night,
Celebrating with flowers and a bottle of wine
Of our first Christmas together,
Opening presents 'neath our little tree

The dancing and the cooking,
Reading, watching, and chatting
Dreaming of our future together
Earnestly praying for wisdom

I cannot help but smile
And wipe back a little tear
When I think that we will never
Cross that threshold again

For today we say goodbye
To our first place, flaws and all
Though you drove us crazy at times
I shall always cherish your dull white walls.

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