Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life: 2011 in Summary

Even without a novel to write, it appears that December has flown by.  Mind you, we had multiple parties and outings this month, but it always surprises me to see another month, especially another year, come to a close.  It is that sentimental feeling, remembering the great times that I have had this year, accompanied by both a pang of sadness that those days are over, and that sense of excitement, imagining the unknown that awaits, the glorious joys that will fill the pages of 2012.

When the year began I had no idea what it would hold, but in reflection, here is what I see -

2011 in Summary
*In January I rang in the New Year with my boyfriend in San Francisco and celebrated my 25th birthday with my first surprise party.
*In February my charming Clinton Perry proposed to me with our dear families witnessing at Crystal Cove and I bought my wedding dress.