Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life: 2011 in Summary

Even without a novel to write, it appears that December has flown by.  Mind you, we had multiple parties and outings this month, but it always surprises me to see another month, especially another year, come to a close.  It is that sentimental feeling, remembering the great times that I have had this year, accompanied by both a pang of sadness that those days are over, and that sense of excitement, imagining the unknown that awaits, the glorious joys that will fill the pages of 2012.

When the year began I had no idea what it would hold, but in reflection, here is what I see -

2011 in Summary
*In January I rang in the New Year with my boyfriend in San Francisco and celebrated my 25th birthday with my first surprise party.
*In February my charming Clinton Perry proposed to me with our dear families witnessing at Crystal Cove and I bought my wedding dress.

*In March we did quite a bit of wedding planning.
*In April I served as the jury foreman for a first degree murder trial in Compton.
*In May I was confirmed at St. Matthew's Anglican Church, promoted to my new job at ECCU, and Clint was offered a job for the next school year.
*In June I moved into our first home, flew to Texas for Clint' brother's wedding in Texas, attended my bridal showers, and talked on the phone more than I ever have in my life when Clint was at Notre Dame.
*In July I had my bachelorette party, married my dearest love in Newport Beach with many of our friends and family in attendance, and honeymooned in Big Sur (complete with a vineyard tour, horseback riding, and whale watching).
*In August we decorated our first home, began adjusting to married life, and tried to rest.
*In September it was the start of a new school year at a new school for Clint.
*In October I was delighted to serve as the matron of honor in my little sister's wedding in San Diego.
*In November I wrote my first novel and we celebrated our first Thanksgiving with my family in Ridgecrest.
*In December we decorated our first Christmas tree, celebrated Clint's birthday, attended lots of holiday parties, celebrated our first Christmas together as husband and wife, and are scheduled to fly to Texas tomorrow to celebrate the New Year with our family.

Yes, it has been a full year - a year of milestones and lots of firsts!!  2012 should prove to continue to be a year of firsts for us as a couple, but also a period of settling into our new normal.  No matter what lies ahead, with our Savior to guide us, I am overjoyed to now have a partner in the journey, to be experiencing the adventures of life with my love! 

May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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